The core of this research has been carried out as part of the Masters course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Choosing a suitable medium for the presentation of findings is becoming an increasingly important concern in research and I felt that the nature of my study leant itself to a format that could effectively accomodate both audio and visual elements to support the research as a whole.

I have tried to make this record of my research as accessible as possible to anyone. As such, for the most part I have tried to avoid ‘trumpet player specific’ details in favour of information that will be a useful tool to everyone. In other words, I am happy to discuss bore size, bell diameter and flare gradient on an individual basis, but this information has not been included here as it has little impact on the precise nature of my research and is of small interest to the majority of readers.

Performance on historical instruments has interested me greatly since first performing on the natural trumpet as an undergraduate. This interest eventually led me, after hearing the pioneering recordings of Crispian Steele Perkins and Mark Bennett, to the keyed trumpet and its unique sound. When the opportunity arose to look at this instrument in detail, I decided to learn the trumpet itself, so as to gain a more in depth knowledge of the subject than literature alone could provide.

Music is always better experienced than lectured on or read about, so wherever possible I have tried to include within this research audio examples to demonstrate what I have discovered. Whenever I have had the chance, recordings have been made of my progress on the instrument, beginning with my very first notes.

My research is ongoing and by no means definitive or closed. It is based on my  own personal experience, using my  trumpet and I cannot guarantee that everything that I have observed during this study will apply to all other keyed trumpets, although much of the information will have relevance.

I am extremely grateful for the support of Crispian Steele-Perkins and David Edwards, who have not only shared with me their incredible knowledge, but also given their time to help further my research. Throughout this period of study I have encountered nothing but enthusiasm and genuine interest for what I am doing, and it has been a great pleasure to meet so many accomplished, inspiring and kind people.

This site has been designed to be flexible in its presentation of this research and my findings. The main body of the research can be found in Research, whilst further background and additional information can be found here and may be of use to those seeking a more in depth overview of the subject. The modular nature of the site is designed to promote freedom of personal discovery. If you wish to concentrate on specific areas then feel free to dip in and out of the available text, you can use the Site Map to help with this. Alternatively, you may like to work through the research in a more logical and organised way, beginning here and ending at the Future Plans section. You may wish to look at the pictures and leave!

I would encourage any visitor to use the site in whichever way they feel will benefit them the most and to not hesitate to contact me if any questions suggest themselves that I have not answered. No research can be completely comprehensive and I welcome any feedback which may provide further research opportunities.

Best Wishes,

Will Russell

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