Future Plans

Many musicians and authors have carried out additional research into the keyed trumpet (see Bibliography), yet there are still an infinite number of areas available for further exploration by others. Whilst trying to stay as true as possible to my original research idea, I would also like to carry out more research in order to establish and test those boundaries as yet undiscovered.

Of particular value to my research would be a recording of Haydn’s Concerto, using the original forces specified by the composer. This could shed light on issues concerning balance, intonation and tonal colour, and would place the trumpet in precisely the sound world it was designed for. The use of historically accurate instruments, and in my case the correct mouthpiece and pitch, would produce a great deal of useful information as well as opening up new areas to look at in the future.

Further investigation into ornamentation, an especially unclear subject during the period of musical development in which the keyed trumpet was invented, would also be of great value, as would a study of the several keyed trumpet tutors that exist. Perhaps these can provide better information on how the original ornaments would have been played?

Investigation into these additional areas of research would prove extremely beneficial to me and greatly enrich my research. However, by looking into them all in detail, I would broaden the focus of my research too much. For now, I am content to remain within the boundaries of my own field of investigation and continue to expand on the knowledge and experience I am gaining, whilst preparing the ground for future research into the subject.

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