Summing Up

Rather than assume any unarguable conclusions regarding the research so far, I felt it would be of greater use to summarise the experience and what I have learnt and continue to learn about the keyed trumpet. The research process, although not entirely new to me, has been extremely rewarding and I hope that some of the information presented on the site is of use to others who wish to discover more about this subject.

Whilst I have tried to deal with a few specific issues in a concise and detailed way, there are still many questions requiring further research as well as others left wholly unanswered. I would welcome any supporting research into any of the fields suggested throughout this site and plan to continue my studies to further explore performance on the instrument. Discover more

I am very pleased that I have been able to stick to my original concept of using only primary sources to learn the instrument. This has enabled me to develop my knowledge directly from firsthand experience and, although probably not the easiest of routes to have taken, has given me an insight into the stages of exploration, refinement and acclimatization that Weidinger himself must have experienced.

In terms of the broader goal of finding my own limits as a musician, I am confident that I have pushed back many personal and musical boundaries as a result of my performance based research. The skills of analysis, reflexion and reflection will be of great benefit to any future playing I do, and having learnt so much from ‘listening to what the instrument wants’ I intend to employ this style of learning in other areas of performance.

There is a great deal to be gained from balancing force of will against the apparent limitations of an instrument such as the keyed trumpet, and being conscious of the need to allow the instrument to reveal how it will best respond. Once this has been established, I have found pushing back the boundaries of what we know to be a case of taking small steps and exploring different avenues until a broader picture can be built up. This process has certainly helped me to discover more about the keyed trumpet and I would advise anyone to consider it as a means of further investigation.

Throughout this research I have often established a more detailed overview of my subject from questions found whilst pursuing a dead end, than from trying to seek out any topic specific information. It is this idea of developing a comprehensive understanding of the keyed trumpet that I feel I have achieved most successfully and hope to continue my research to further increase my knowledge of this subject in the future.