What support can I draw on?

Iam extremely grateful for the support I have received during my research, especially from Crispian Steele-Perkins and David Edwards, who have both learnt the keyed trumpet in a similar fashion to me. The suggestions of both Steele-Perkins and Edwards have helped me to choose suitable ways of approaching the instrument, so as to maximise my own learning potential and my chances of discovering the trumpet for myself.

Crispian Steele-Perkins performs Hummel

As yet, no modern scholar or musician, to my knowledge, has published information on precisely how to go about learning the instrument. This has made my own research all the more interesting, as my discoveries are entirely based on firsthand experience.

Other areas of research concerning the instrument have been extensively explored. The reproduction of manufacturing techniques used to build the original instruments has been carried out by Adolf Egger, Robert Vanryne and David Edwards.

Most commonly, researchers have dealt with the keyed trumpet’s most acclaimed performer; Anton Weidinger. The life of this musician has been successfully and quite comprehensibly documented by Dahlqvist in his paper; ‘The Keyed Trumpet and Its Greatest Virtuoso, Anton Weidinger’.

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